I get my shot today

I get my shot at 11am this morning. It’s almost 10:30am right now. I’m about to walk over to Assertive Community Treatment in about 20 minutes to get my shot of Invega Sustenna.

Unlike some other people my shot seems to last for the full four weeks until the next shot. It’s an extended release shot so that’s why I think.


My haldol shot lasts for 25 days


I saw my pdr 2days ago, he suggested I switch to Risperdal shots instead of pills but I refused as I was afraid of having symptoms when it weans off before my next shot.

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I think you should try the shot. Shots are good.

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Good luck with your shot.

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My doc wanted to put me on Olanzapine shots and I refused too. I agree there is the problem of it wearing off before your next shot, but I also didn’t want the hassle of going to the their office, waiting for a nurse, and knowing them it would be a long wait, it’s a frustrating boring waste of time. I have to take other pills anyways for diabetes and cholesterol so I just take my antipsychotic pills along with them. I will never take shots willingly, pills only for me.

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