I gained 45 kg or about 90 pounds on antipsychotics

How about you guys,the weight never came off btw


Ha ha ha that’s rough.
Sorry to hear that.
Hope you manage to lose it.

I think I gained 30 kg at most and was obese.
Now I’m just overweight I think.


I’ve gained a lot and it’s not cos of antipsychotics

I’ve been on antipsychotics for 16 years and my body weight has increased by about 8 stone (from 12 stone).

I had one period where I was quite manic where I pretty much only ate chicken salad and got rid of all snacking and booze. That’s the only time I lost weight significantly.

ATM I’m not eating potatoes/bread and limiting rice. But still snacking and on booze.

mental health is more important than psychical health imo


Was 55kg that was my ideal weight at 166cm height. Currently I’m 80kg approx.

So 25kg weight gain.

Catching from behind. Don’t know my weight but after manic episode I got down to 60kg. From there I went only up, up

I gained 60 lbs. in 120 days on Zyprexa. That stuff really made me crave sweets.

Went from 50s to 80something kg, i’m short so it looks bad and is considered obese i believe.

Nah, they go together. You can’t have one without the other to be well.


They are both important

If you never came off antipsychotics then that’s why the weight never came off. Not saying you should do that just saying that; It is the antipsychotics still causing the extra weight, all these years later btw

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i know what you mean! it seems like i work out so much and hardly get any gains lol. to be fair i have gained some muscle but its hidden under this bear-like body haha

i think youre on to something…i personally think i wont even call it “mental health” any more though… just brain health. takes away the mystery of it all. just my opinion.

My weight fluctuated while on meds, no changes. No clue what caused the differences. I haven’t lost weight in a while now, and I am distressed by my current size.

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i gained 189 pounds on olanzapine, ive gained more weight than what my total body weight was before i started taking it

I gained nearly 30 kgs on meds. But i do snack and havent been exercising for a while. So its not just the meds.

Well no. Most modern research suggests gains in mental health from regular exercise. Things like the keto diet seem to work for some to the point that not only weight loss is consistent but mental health is improved too.

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Many things impact weight namely diet, sleep, exercise.

If you kept food, sleep and diet logs you would uncover the pattern.

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Sleep, I think, is the most inconsistent variable for me. I cannot keep logs easily. I get very OCD about them and end up spending hours on what should take minutes. But sleep? I can point that out with no issues. Food doesn’t necessarily impact me like I think it would. And exercise has made a difference in the past few years, no doubt, but prior to Covid, I went on walks or bike rides. My bike is still rusting in the shed…

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