I found the proposed timeline for that stem cells for TR SZ trial

This is from the Executive Summary which means it’s their plan - of course they don’t know if their stem cells for schizophrenia treatment will work, but the plan is early 2022.

The Company is focused on utilizing its “regenerative psychiatry” approach to reduce inflammation and restore the ability of brain cells to repair themselves in advanced schizophrenic patients resistant to treatment. Success in this area will allow for expansion into PTSD and opioid addiction, which predispose to suicide and possess similar biological characteristics.
Path to Success Plan

  1. Intellectual property dominance of immunology and regenerative medicine space as relates to suicide: Identifying who owns what and filing patents to cover anything related to suicide and predisposing factors (completed).
  2. Sales of Campbell Score™ and TSOI nutraceuticals to psychiatrists paid by “out of pocket” (Q2 2021)
  3. FDA registration of Campbell Score™. Requires 200 patient trial, will provide ability to generate revenue or partnership (Q1 2022).
  4. Success of “Regenerative Psychiatry” approach in treatment resistant schizophrenics. Using proprietary microbiome modulation, nutraceutical, and stem cells. Success in patients whose only option is electroconvulsive therapy will be a paradigm shift in the industry (Q1 2022).
  5. Acquisition/IPO. Based on patents, method of diagnosis and pipeline (Q2 2022) $200 million-1.8 billion are comparator deals.

The Campbell Score they’re talking about is their blood test which recently passed phase 2 trials. It’s a suicidality prediction score.


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