I found some nice new simple meal ideas

Crunchy peanut butter on rice cakes

Oatflakes blueberries with yogurt!

Yes I’m actually excited.

I also added dark chocolate into my healthy diet!

What are your special healthy yummy simple meal ideas?


Me too @LittleMissSlothy

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Nice one. It’s good stuff. With just a tad of caffeine too in it

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Yeah I’ll have a few pieces at a time
Not too many

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Yep me too. I go by the recommended amount on the packaging which is 20g.

It’s so nice to eat treats and not feel guilty.

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Chapati and coconut chutney


Coconut chutney?

Sounds very strange.

I’d have to try it to see if I like it

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Its very easy and fast to make it.


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