I found out what's wrong physical health

You may remember me posting about the physical problems I had. Well I had a appt with a vascular surgeon and he looked at My ct scan and it shows I have a condition of on of my main arteries to my arm that I was born with just no one ever saw it. Basically the arterie I’d growing out of the wrong spot of my aorta and going behind my esophagus (why I have problems swallowing too. I thought I wasn’t chewing right from losing teeth) it also has an aneurysm where the arterie is growing from. I have to have a full chest scan to see how big that is to see if I have to have surgery. I’m so scared

My psychiatrist is helping me deal with the stress this is putting on my symptoms. She increased latuda and said I can take zyprexa if I need (husband is helping me keep track of things) also she said I can take the clonazepam 2 times a day if I need. I really am scared and I have trouble sleeping and eating now. I haven’t wanted to drink in a long while but I have been wanting to since Friday. I’m sorry if I’m annoying you all I just don’t have anyone else to talk to about it. Since Friday I have felt like I’m in a different dimension. I don’t even know if I already posted this somehow. Anyway have a good day


Wow, that’s heavy. Glad they figured it out. Hope you get the surgery you need to correct the problem and you start feeling better.

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