I forgot how much I like eggs and toast

I spent too much money and have a $5 a day food budget. I took back bottles and got eggs, bread, Orange juice, oatmeal, brown sugar, milk and grated cheese for my popcorn. I don’t think I made eggs and toast in years.


my budget is that bad too. mine is like 3 dollars a day. i pull it of by getting stuff from churchs and other food places. and trade jobs for it.

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Other food that is cheap and delicious that you may have forgotten that you like is beans and lentils. And they are full of protein and fiber. You can really stretch your budget with beans and lentils. Lentils only take 30 minutes to cook.


Cut a hole in the bread and cook the toast in a pan with the egg in the middle, I call them bullets, so tasty.


Rice and beans is cheap. You can add a little broccoli to it too. Eggs are good but have things to trade off with so it’s not just eggs and toast for protein.

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I feel rich. Got a $23 refund, so bought nachos and soda. I know, I should buy better food.

I would buy more things like that, but have really bad water, so it makes it expensive to make them.

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