I forgot how loving I used to be

Watching Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet on tv tonight. It brought back all the memories of how happy I was teaching children. I got framed and lost the job. It meant everything to me and something died in me when I lost that job. The only fault I could find with myself was that I was a bit tense due to hating to drive because I had been in a car accident when I was 16. I’d always arrive at work a little nervous. Shy, but that didn’t mean I was worthless. Single but that didn’t mean I was a pervert.

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I remember being a kid and how my mom provided a safe place for me. It was nice but over at age 18. I moved back in for a few years later for a while. Been parents free since 2002.

I wasn’t parent obsessed when I had that teaching job.

I was just thinking of the title to the thread I FORGOT…

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