I fit in less and less

I fit in less and less in a world where getting less than A- on a test is increasingly seen by people as a ‘failure’. That’s not just 125+ IQ types expecting such scores. Admittedly it was a long time ago, but the best I got was a few B+. Just being good at something has become the new ‘mediocre’

Me too, but not A+ though. I don’t feel much because I never tried. I tried in my masters thats when this condition struck me. But still it haunts me saying I can still do it.

I feel the real courage is to let go of my dreams.
Because its a decade now and I believe I can still do it.

But still I feel empty as I don’t have any other interest.

Serious I don’t know where I am heading and I am sure its not going to be good one.

But with few beliefs I may reach back shore and enjoy the sun.

People put too much emphasis on the test score and not enough on real world experience. I’ve seen people come out of photography programs who have top scores, but can’t tell a story with a camera. It takes time to develop mastery in most areas.


I’ve never been even average when it comes to taking a photo.

I spend time every day looking at other people’s photos, trying to learn more about taking photos, processing them, and going out and taking some of my own. Every day. It’s a rare day when I don’t do something photography related.

Skill doesn’t just fall out of the sky and land on people, it’s a hard won victory for everyone but those who are freakishly lucky.

Don’t let that get you down. It really doesn’t matter unless you’re trying to get into a university program or something like that. It’s no one’s business what your grades were.

I got straight A’s just once, in grade 5. I graduated high school with an A average. But that doesn’t mean everything. There are people that did worse in school than I did, but are more successful in life than I am.

But it’s an uneven comparison because they don’t have schizophrenia.

I think I had too much blind ambition. All I wanted was success. I should have reflected on this.

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