I finished!

I’ve been on these forums for a few years, posting off and on, and I put up a few videos about a book I was writing, and I finished it!

It’s finished! I’m done I’m done I’m done, hooray hooray hooray.

It was cool because I would come on and talk about the book and then some of you guys encouraged me and stuff.

Then I went asked for the account to be deleted. Lol. It’s been rough sometimes. LOL

Anyway, lol. It’s done. I’m excited. Huzzah.


Here’s some sweet creative poetry:

Five times 11 equals 55, but if you ask me, numbers ain’t alive. Ever see a picture of a number? Not the real thing, but ask for a picture of a song, and you’d see a man sing.


Congratulations! That’s brilliant, well done! I like the poem you posted too :slight_smile:

Take care,

Congrats! What is the name of your book?

Michael’s Ivy. It took me awhile to write.

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Are you looking to have it published?

I put it up with Smashwords as an ebook.

I’ll probably look to get it published. It’ll be available as an ebook soon. I’ll just write again. I poured my heart and soul in that book for over two years.

Can`t wait to read–very happy for you!

Oh, it’s a science fiction book. I had completely forgotten to mention that.

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Lol, it’s funny, when you search for the book, this thread comes up.