I find people on the west coast to be way different than east coasters

At least comparing your college educated students vs. college educated students. We are taught to think more critically here on the west coast. It’s hard to adjust. People are more “in touch” here. I kindve miss the hardness of east coasters. Not calling west coasters “soft” but east coasters are like iron steel tough while west coasters are more like cotton candy. Political correctness is more important here. I can’t decide what I like more? Political correctness (which is the more dignified way) or not giving a damn. Which is way more fun. There are certainly distinct differences between west and east coast. People are obsessed about sustainability here which is a good thing, but I’m from a place where it’s the opposite so it seems they go over the top about it here…but I know deep down its only right. It’s a whole different world out here! Excited to go home. And see my east coast friends and be able to joke around a little more…but I also like how the west coast is more progressive too. I can’t decide. If I could I would mix it up.

Political correctness (which is the more dignified way) or not giving a damn. Which is way more fun.



I think I will move back to the east coast when I graduate, but being taught certain different points of views will be a very valuable experience that will give me the edge in some ways on east coasters. I will be able to outsmart them with logic rather than emotion. Usually in class I just listen because everything’s so new. But I listen intently and say “damn these people are RIGHT” and can’t believe I’ve never learned these perspectives before.


dont know if ive said this before but i grew up near San Francisco and everyone was PC there. But i grew up in a wealthy, competitive suburb where people weren’t as PC. People weren’t soft where I grew up, but there were some. I hear east coasters are much “harder” people.

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I just discussed this with my roommate and he said my school doesn’t represent the whole west coast in terms of being pc. My school is very very pc and progressive. But yeah I think east coast is harder overall. But not as much as the differences between my school and the east coast :slight_smile:

The east coast has objectively better pizza. And objectively better ice cream. And definitely harder people.

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Before I moved here I said “west coasters are nicer”. Now that I miss home a little I say “east coasters are harder :smile:”. I think it’s saying the same things. But the differences is a matter of who you’re trying to compliment. Idk about the ice cream. Pizza, yes. And Ben and Jerrys is from Vermont. But we get Ben and Jerrys out here. And the ice cream I had at the Thai restaurant was fantastic.

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Well, in upstate, we have the best ice cream. I live right next to a bunch of creameries. On the west coast, it’s all Dairy Queen or Baskin Robins. At least, in my experience and Mr. star’s. He grew up out there.

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I put my drinks on coasters! Shout out to my Hillbillys!


I’ve lived on both coasts. Grew up in Virginia and spent many summers and weeks near NYC, and lived in Phoenix. We had an unending convoy of California transplants rushing in to AZ. For a while it was impossible to buy a house…all these Californians were coming in and paying top-dollar in cash and undercutting everyone. Buying a reasonable house was damn-near impossible. The only way my ex and I ended up buying a house was through a connection she had with a friend of a coworker. But I digress.

East coast people are direct and to the point. No BS. And they know how to dress! On the west coast it’s all t-shirts and jeans, even for doctors and attorneys. Everyone acts like some kind of Jimmy Buffet beach bum wannabe. And they don’t say Goodbye at the end of a phone call out west. You’re lucky to get an “ok” or a “yep,” and when you do, it feels so forced from the other party that you feel like you put THEM out. Argh. Even businesses that you call to pre-arrange giving them money for a service are rude out west. I hate the west coast.

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I’m from New England, but I was bicoastal one year.


As someone who’s been to both east and west…I found the west coast gangsters much more intimadating…maybe its because the north says kaws instead of cars and you guys call super Mario super maaryo…your accents are terrible…and I live in the south…

@anon40540444 that’s funny! Here in Australia, based on tv shows and movies I don’t think any Americans say goodbye at the end of phone calls.

Do you all say goodbye? Or do you just hang up?

Uh nah bro the east coast gangsters are the ones with the money. The really scary ones. Wall Street, etc… That’s intimidating. Just cuz a few ppl get together and wear colors and pray on the weak on the west coast doesn’t mean they’re harder. And Boston is the only place with those accents. One small city doesn’t define a whole coast.

@anon84763962, I was taught my manners as a kid. Not much offends me like unsolicited rudeness, and I consider not saying goodbye to be quite rude. I say goodbye or at the very least make a polite exit. I only hang up on telemarketers, etc. I think folks on the east side of the country tend to say goodbye, and folks out west tend not to. This is a generalization, but it seems to be true more often than not. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is. 15151515

I’m going on a trip to America next year. All west coast. I’m probably going to ask everyone I get talking to whether or not they say goodbye on the phone.

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We agree it’s a generalization! Wonderful!!

I was joking lol…both are cramped full of sociopaths on the fastest way to money…a gangsters a gangster…stick with the hippies life doesn’t gotta be more ruff than it already is…

And what about the flyover states?