I find it strange that adults move away from parents

*unless they are abusive or something. What I mean is that our family didn’t grow up around relatives and it was just us four I guess were tight knit and I couldn’t imagine moving away to a different city or country. Perhaps the people that do this aren’t as emotionally attached to their parents or something. I want to take care of them as they are “rounding third base” in life.


In my family’s case, it was my mom who moved away from me when I was 16 years old. I got emancipated. She and I are close now all these years later, but it was very painful. She started going on trips and leaving me home alone at 10 years old. It was scary. My dad was an abuser and I didn’t rely on him. We saw each other once in a while. He stopped drinking though and is a better person now.


I think I am strange because I DID NOT move away from my parents, lol. Everyone else I know has moved out, many have gotten married and have kids.

I’m 43 and still live at home with my parents…


a few years ago i went to visit a eco village with my mum and they had a architecture who had designed the houses for families to live together yet have their own space.

so in the middle of the house was a big shared kitchen and dining room and tv/living room but then to the sides of the house was extenctions with bedroom mini kitchen, bathroom.

so if a family of four lived there they all got their own space with their own bedroom, bathroom and mini kitchen yet they all lived together and had shared living room, dining room and kitchen if they wanted to watch tv together, eat together or cook together.

this way they have their own space if wanted/needed but they can still be together.

a bit similar to how it was when i was in college and we all had our own bed and bathroom but shared kitchen and tv room.

great also for those with teenagers or old parents they care for.

i think its great and it was a environmentally friendly house and village too.

the community had land they grew vegetables and sold in their little shop.
they also had a cafe so the people in the village could get to know each other and have a coffee together.

i would not want to live that close to my parents but its a great idea for those who do.

it was a pretty expensive house though.

my mum and i just went on a drive through this village and asked information about it.

my mum wanted to buy me a eco friendly house their but she couldnt afford it.

i wanted to live on a hobby farm out in the country.

i live in a apartment with my dog now.

i have my brother and sister and former stepmum about ten minute drive from me.
my former step mum calls me some mornings and it means the world to me.
it makes me happy when she calls.
she is the only one who really calls me.

its nice to have them close as they help me a lot.

the antenna isnt working so they are helping me arrange to get it fixed.
things like that.

also i was taught how to drive to a shopping centre.
took about ten drives before i was confidednt to do the drive by myself.

do you live with your parents?

many people have granny flat where the older parents live.

nothing wrong with living with your parents if it makes you both happy and can help support you etc.


Both financially and socially, continuing to live in the same house with my mom makes the most sense to me.

I see apartment buildings, with apartments available that I could live in alone, while out and about, sometimes, and I am reminded of this possibility. Yet, I don’t find it to be particularly appealing, most of the time.

Having more of my own space would be nice, but I think that I would get lonely, living alone. It is nice for someone else, who I am on decent terms with, to be around regularly.

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Thats why I like living with my parents and brothers.


I keep telling my daughter it isn’t weird if she stays living with me after 21. Other cultures do it! Maybe I’ll convince her yet.


I moved out of home at 19. Moved interstate quite impromptu, with nothing but a suitcase of clothes and Stephen King books to my name. Things have kmproved since then.

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I love all my parents very much, and me moving away had nothing to do with them.
I think it would be very stunting for me if I were to stay in or near my hometown simply because my mother lives there. That part of the country is very rural and one one-track minded, and I needed room to grow.

I still talk with my parents often, and we all love each other despite being far apart.
If one of them were to start circling the drain, I would move way closer.

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The only time I feel any resistance to staying at home with my parents is if we have a guest or family over. I greet and I go, I try not to stick around for the inquisition: “so Gene, why aren’t you married?” or “why are you still living at home?” I really don’t have the energy or patience to explain why.

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It depends on the culture. In American culture yes this is the norm but in many other cultures it is not the norm and adults basically live with their parents until they are married or in some cases even after.

Personally I’d been raging at the bit to get out of the house and independent from my parents since I was 17.

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I live with my dad and my mum lives a 20 min walk away. I need their support and they appreciate my attention. In a couple of years they’ll both be retired and have more time for me.

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In my case, I am not supposed to move out till I am married. I don’t see that happening so I will be moving out but closer to home.

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I want to be independent from my parents. For now, I live with my parents. I am 43 years old.


I’m in exactly the same situation and I am the same age as you @Jake

I lived away from home on residence while I was at University, it really wasn’t anything special, I didn’t have any freedoms then that I don’t have now. If I moved out on my own I’d probably just be lonely because I don’t have any friends to hang out with. At least at home I can socialize with my family.

I think it’s natural to want some distance and privacy to start your own life.

Of course, it’s okay not to.

Whatever you’re comfortable with.

I left home at eighteen for school and never moved back (with the exception of summers).

Lived with friends, boyfriends, luck of the draw roommates.

Mistakes were made and sometimes I wanted to just go home,

But I stuck it out and did pretty well.

My sister stayed at home much longer than I did.

It’s just a matter of what you want.


The community housing sounds really interesting :face_with_monocle:!!!

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Many cultures do it. I think Americans (Canadians & USA people) are the exception not the rule

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People here just live near by their parents, and in this case, the parents and adult kids can look after one another.

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