I find it funny but I do not laugh,don't laugh


I find it funny but I just don’t laugh it out,or I control to not laugh it,what is this a personality disorder or is flat affect which is a symptom of sz


I am like that too. When I used to go to Comedy clubs to see live stand-up comics i would think they were funny but I wouldn’t smile or laugh. The people I was with would keep asking me,“Aren’t you having a good time”? I was having a good time but I just didn’t smile.


I am wondering if I am a sad face in nature,it’s psychopathic not to laugh when your suppose to laugh,people want happiness but I can be happy by deny the happiness…


Gee, I don’t think you’re a psychopath. I don’t think you’re antisocial, either.

Personally, I tend to be sad at happy events such as weddings and happy at sad events such as funerals. I suppose my circuitry is just wired in peculiar ways.