I find hope

I think I am not at my worst any more. I’m managing a job reasonably. I can walk a little bit. Things are getting a little better. I am going to look for a permanent job and I would walk for 30 min every night. I know what I am doing would bring better future. I can do that everyday and it would pay off.

It takes a lot of time to make me do anything. But trying again and again and eventually making something a daily routine is a helpful strategy to make myself able to do anything. I mean daily routine helps to solve some of the motivation problem. I need months if not years to change my behaviors. A part time job is a good start it gets me out of the bed and over time my cognitive is getting better. I’m much better at work now compared to 2015. Life is so much better now.

I’m getting some sense of direction. Keeping trying to work is helpful. I think I can still deliver good work.