I finally stopped nicotine

I see the world differently, but now I have this delusion that I’m being controlled.

Nicotine used to be my reality, I would use it non-stop to cope with every day life. I have also been using it since I was a kid.

Now that I have stopped it I feel as if there’s a bug inside that controls me. It’s hard to explain but it controls my thoughts and my movements.

I don’t want to use nicotine again but I don’t want to live knowing there’s something inside of me that’s controlling me.

Is it time for a med increase or do you think I should lay off the nicotine for a bit and see if the meds start working more efficiently?


Good job dre…!!


Well done @DNA


Bravo :slight_smile:


I’m sorry you’re struggling. It’s worth it to get rid of such a harmful habit. You may need a meds adjustment if I read that article correctly. It seems that the nicotine has been helping with your sz somehow. Now without it you may need a little more meds to feel right. Please talk to you pdoc and see what he/she has to say. But congratulations on kicking the habit, wish I could.


how long have you been stopping nicotine
wait at least for one month for detoxification
I don’t think quitting smoking caused your delusion


Can you get the wellbutrine. Lots of post in the past say people with MI can get worse trying to stop smoking.

It is supposed to help a lot.

Can you get the nicotine gum?use the gum a little to ease the delusion?
(Yes the gum is nasty, if you were wondering.) You could continue to wean yourself off of the nicotine slower this way, maybe? What do you think?

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Thanks @Leaf

@moshtaba I will wait one month, thanks for the info I will discuss with pdoc

@anon12908646 I tried Wellbutrin but all it did was make me want nicotine more. I have been on the nicotine gum for 2 years now prior to quitting.


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