I finally look alright with a beard

Some women say “all men look great with a beard!” But it wasn’t true for me when I was younger. Maybe I looked too youthful to have a grizzly old beard. But now I feel it looks alright. My beard when it gets long enough shows red and blonde, black, brown, gray/white colors (all of these). You see many different colors in my beard. And now it finally fits me to have a beard. I think I will grow it out.


Do dudes look good with a beard, hmmmmm



I rest my case. May your beard be as unkept and “Messi “ lmao

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Not everyone can be born tough as splinters like Lionel Messi. Some of us it takes time to be a jungle warrior lord/arctic tundra endurer


Sorry @Jonnybegood :hugs:

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