I finally have my first older person illness

My thyroid tests were abnormal the doctor said so I finally have my first getting old condition. Actually I’m excited it explains whey even when I eat like a rabbit, I don’t lose any of my weight, so if she figured this out it is a good start.

Mental illness they say lessens with aging, I guess that is good if true cause other things start to go.



Hey, desimb, how’s your daughter doing?

I got bifocals a couple of weeks ago, they make me feel old.

My symptoms started to lessen considerably when I turned 45. Some symptoms went away.

My daughter is well thanks for asking.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was about 30.

My first older person illness was a hernia I developed for no particular reason except aging. The surgery was my first one, and very unpleasant. I was 60.

I found out I was hypothyroid when I was 20. I slept all day and gained a lot of weight. And couldn’t get pregnant.

It all changed when I got the meds for it.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 25. It makes me feel old daily, as I have a lot of pain and mobility problems (especially in the morning).

I have to take a ton of medication for it–every day and every month. Not fun for a 31 year old!



I got RA diagnose when I was 31. It’s not fun to be in pain. Have you tried biological medicines? I know I’ve asked before but I don’t remember.

Yes, I’ve tried several meds and combos. The combo that’s working the best for me right now is methotrexate and Orencia, with an added anti-inflammatory, Feldene.

It’s been a rough road trying to find something that will work, without suppressing my immune system TOO much.

Thankfully, I’m pretty stable right now. And I’m praying that my RA will go into remission someday.

I hope the best for you too!



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I have Orencia too. :slight_smile:

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Hypothyroidism isn’t just for old people.
My mom’s sister developed it at 30. I believe all the females on her side take medicine for it, including her, and even her brother as well.
I was 43 when it finally got me.