I finally got low calorie noodles

7 calories per 100grams. That means I will only get most of my calories from meat, veg and fruit. I’m cutting out all junk food from my diet too. Let’s hope I can finally lose some weight.

They are konjac noodles.


Were they pricey? Barenaked noodles are £2 a pack.

12 packs for £15.48 on amazon. About £1.29 per pack for 170grams. Not too expensive. The noodles are flavourless but high in fibre.


Celery and broccoli are super good… high in fiber… low in carbs.

Have you looked into intermittent fasting?

I’ve been like 99% Vegan… .9% vegitarian… and .01% omnivore for a year… and my weight has gone down from 222 to 184… bout 40lbs. Could try that too…

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Ramen is low cal.

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Rice contains arsenic… so does quinoa… spread that word around. Gluten or arsenic? you decide.

I also got my low calorie noodles from Amazon, I got low calorie rice too! I just had some earlier in a chicken soup. I also have them with chicken breast, soy sauce and hot sauce. I also used them as pasta with pasta sauce.

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No wonder China can’t keep their population numbers up.


I might have to check out low calorie rice as well. Don’t wanna get bored of plain noodles.

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I just choked on my coffee. :rofl:

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… daaaaaaaaaaaamn son.

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