I finally get how this works

Like i finally experienced AND OBSERVED it. When a situation or even stimulation occurs it makes me perceive it in the way people don’t see it as in just whatever horrid way it wants, then when it wants to it makes me perceive it the other way. Great. And we have to deal with this like its ok. Seriously? I must’ve been a really bad whatever in whatever alternate life i had if thats the case. Or even sicker is that theres no point to any of this. We just r because. And i even finally see my horrid mood pattern and how it blends into it. And i can’t even recognize it when it happens thats just the way it is for me. And since i have this im much more emotionally dramatic. I wish i could be my bunny right now this sucks so much. My voice in my head went emotionlessly calm while typing that

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