I finally fixed my sleep schedule

I didn’t think it was possible I tried so many times and so many things I thought with the Invega I just couldn’t sleep at night no matter what I do I still wake up frequently throughout the night but I go back to bed I now go to bed at 8 or 9 at night and wake up at 6 am I’m going to lower my dose next month hopefully it doesn’t mess things up again but this is a good start to getting better and productive again



I also take Invega and at first I thought that my body forgot how to sleep, it was awful. Now I stick to a strick sleep schedule and sleep ok not great.

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Yeah sleep on Invega is not great I wake up multiple times, vivid dreams and usually sweating when I wake up

I’m glad you got a good nights sleep and hope it continues.

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I am glad to hear you are sleeping better!

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good job on fixing your sleep schedule. i hope it continues to go well =)

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