I finally figured out what's causing my insomnia

I was put on a medication to augment my Depakote to control my seizures called Keppra. I’ve been having some horrible insomnia for about 2 weeks now and I’ve been on Keppra for 3 weeks. After some exhausting searching, I found reports of people who experience insomnia with the first 2 weeks of initializing treatment. I’ve been hit with sleeping pills, and they roll right off of me, as does anything else that’s sedating, including my PRN Percocet. I recall the neurologist telling me I could take it all at once at bedtime if I found it sedating. I;m doing the opposite. I’m going to take it all in the MORNING because it activates me. So now I just have to make it another 36 hours, and try again tomorrow night with my new plan. fingers crossed


I hope it works. Meds work diffrent for everyone. Trial and error.

Sleep is the best investment you can make. :sleeping:

Yeah I don’t think it would be Depakote - most likely its the Keppra

I take my depakote at night because it makes me a little tired. Not tired enough to put me to bed, but tired enough that if I took it with my morning meds I would be sluggish during the day. It’s a pain being on multiple meds and not knowing what’s causing the side effect. Good luck with the new plan!