I figured out why this guy always fell out on runs

When I was in the army we usually ran a standard two miles at a slow pace every morning. Anyone in reasonable health under the age of 50 could have done it. But there was this one guy who always fell out on the morning runs. He was a very well built guy, and I couldn’t figure out why he did that. Then I realized that he fell out because the exercise got him off of this manic high that he was always on. The exercise left him mildly depressed. I’m kind of doing the same thing now. I get mildly depressed after doing the easiest exercise.


That’s strange because exercise gets your endorphins kicking which helps you feel good.

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If it wasn’t that I don’t know what it was. The guy had gone through airborne school, so he could run if he really wanted to, but he always fell out on our morning runs.

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I thought it was just me! I can never stick with even the easiest exercise program, because workouts make my mood crash. I don’t know what the endorphin high is all about. Exercise has always made me depressed after, whether one mile or three, and especially weightlifting.


I used to get a pretty good high from a good run, but then the next day I would be mildly depressed. Now I couldn’t run a mile unless someone put a gun to my head.

…Could be steroids? They drastically reduce your ability to run, but leave you “very well built” as you put it.

I don’t know. I don’t know if he could get them on the German market. They sold some pretty good speed dressed up as diet medicine in Germany. That would explain it.

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