I figured out a long time ago that I have

music dyslexia. Meaning, I get the notes and they’re placements turned around in my head, and on the staffs on the score. Makes it very difficult to read music. I don’t have dyslexia in reading printed text. I can read the printed word very well, in fact.

I told my first piano teacher about my discovery many, many years ago and she told me that she had “never heard of music dyslexia”. But, she was an inexperienced teacher. I have never discussed this with my new teacher and I’ve employed him for the past eight years. I need to.

I think I have figured out a way around this music dyslexia, finally. The notes on the bottom of both the treble and the bass clefs are on the left side of the piano. So, read from bottom of the staff to the top, and from left to right on the piano. Very simple. Makes reading much simpler and just so many seconds faster. Makes all the difference in the world. Makes it so you are just not so “all over the place” with your eyes, trying to figure things out. Makes it vastly easier. Now, just to get used to it. Takes practice.

Good job! You got it!

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Thank you! That’s great to hear coming from YOU, @ZmaGal!

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I had a student who struggled with the same thing. She got it though. :slight_smile:

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That’s great that other people are figuring out the same thing. Good for them!


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