I figured it out

A digital reconstruction of George Carlin should be president.

I’m the only one who doesn’t think he’s funny. The reason I don’t think he’s funny is I feel he ripped off Bill Hicks’ material. Like for example having a go at people involved in advertising (Bill Hicks material) , BUT while being in an advertisement himself, unlike Bill Hicks.

Anyway, geez, I should have more important things to be indignant about :smile:

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I never liked Carlin either…I dunno…the guy just looks like a complete a$$hole in my opinion.

Always liked Steve Martin…that type of humour.

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I don’t like Carlin. Or Martin. Or Robin Williams. Found a bit of Sam Kinison’s stuff funny. I’m arsed if I can figure out the point behind the show Big Bang Theory or why people watch it. I have a problem with laughing at the wrong things. Well, wrong according to others – I find them funny – although I’m told Dexter isn’t supposed to be viewed as a comedy. Not that I have any interest in killing or violence, I just think that a switch in my head got flipped the wrong way there when it comes to what amuses me.

I am getting better at faking laughing at stuff everyone else finds funny, so that’s something. Gotta fit in with the herd.



I find way more comedy in day to day life…even on this site for example…than I do from any tv sit com. Don’t care for pre-written laffs…I enjoy instantaneous, off the cuff humour myself.