I figure I will save all the movies I wanna see for old age

They’re not going anywhere!! Tons of classics I haven’t seen. I figure when I’m old if I’m ever real old I can watch movies from like the 20th century it’ll be like taking a time machine back in time it will be awesome.

Imagine it’s year 2071. You’re 80 years old or so. And you turn on boondock saints for the first time in your life. Well I’ve never seen boondocks saints but it was the example I used to my buddy.

Yeah I’m not gonna watch boondock saints till like at least 2055. For sure.

You (in heaven talking to saint peter) :

SP : So you never got to see boondocks saints in the end ?
You : no I never thought I’d get hit by a meteorite

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Haha :rofl: lol this made me laugh a lot everhopeful

Good one!!!

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…But when your older your chasing ladies around the old people’s home! :grin:


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