I figure I have 4 major issues currently

  1. I don’t have a job and that stresses me out and also makes it so I have nothing to do all day every day and that’s bad for my sanity too. Even my hobbies can’t hold my interest. I am just not motivated to do them and I can’t focus.

  2. Everything takes a huge effort on my part, even minor tasks like brushing my teeth are overwhelming. I am so tired of simply existing being a battle.

  3. My sleep is royally f*cked. If I can even fall asleep, I sleep only 3 hours max and then cannot sleep anymore. To make up for this I collapse during the day and end up sleeping all day which probably is creating a negative cycle.

  4. I cannot stop obsessing over the demons and the devil. My head is constantly barraged with thoughts about them, mostly constant worrying about when they are going to attack me next and what happens if I give in, and it leaves me in this constant state of feeling sick to my stomach with dread.

summary: don’t have a job, sleep is completely messed up, even little things are incredibly challenging to do, can’t stop worrying about demons


I am sorry to hear your are having four major issues at the moment. I think you may bring it up to your Pdoc and ask for prescriptions for your insomnia and worrying about demons. Once your health has improved you will surely find a job.

I have the same problems. Don’t take showers enough. The little things are hard for me as well. I don’t have a job either, so I don’t have anything to do all day also. My sleep is very similar as well. I usually sleep 2 times a day. 2 to 3 hours a night and then like 5 hours during the day.

I have tried many prescriptions for insomnia and none are effective :pensive: As for the worrying about demons I’m not sure what med he would prescribe. They haven’t actually been talking to me or anything when im awake so I don’t think its a psychosis thing, I just keep having constant nightmares and sleep paralysis regarding them and its freaking me out. So if there’s a med for nightmares I guess that would help.

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I think you can try to meet people online,that will give you confidence and later on find a job to hold on.Sleep,you can use supplement like melatonin…if not ask for sleeping pill to regulate your sleep.I think socializing and feeling “good” is extremely important,you can do more after you did those I feel

My major issues also include avolition and struggling with brushing my teeth and cleaning house.

Also I need dentist to pull out two bad teeth and I’ve had traumatic times there already so I’m dreading it.

And still haven’t made appointment for driver’s license because im scared. It looks like I will have to write my learners test for seventh time.

And my fear and dislike for my mother in law. I’m scared still that she’s waiting for an opportunity to poison me.

It sounds like you live a lot of your life in fear. Im sorry to hear that :pensive:

I used to get bad anxiety going to the dentist bc it hurt so bad. I finally mentioned it one time and they told me it shouldn’t hurt at all! It turns out the basic anesthetic they use wasn’t effective for me and they had to use a different one. Once I switched I never had pain at the dentist again. Maybe its the same for you!

Sorry to hear this from you @Anna. I too am struggling to find a job. I’ve applied for quite a few, some i’ve had interviews for but no luck. Now i’m just waiting for a response, let alone an interview. However, hang in there. Times at the moment aren’t great for many people. Just do the best you can, perseverance and good things will come.

I share your struggles with even completing the most simplest of tasks. I’ve been putting in a lot of effort into this lately. But it is hard. Your sleep is no good! Have you spoken to your pdoc or case manager about this? Doesn’t your medication make you drowsy? As for your obsessions, that sounds like it sucks. I occasionally have obsessive thoughts, but mostly they are well managed these days. I hope things settle down for you. Hang in there.

I feel for ya. Sounds rough. I hope you find a job soon.

Have you ever done CBT-I? It is theoretically the mist effective long term solution to insomnia, but does require a lot of self control.

Your remark brought back difficult memories. My mom said the same to me over the years. That i have the spirit of fear. I’ve been a scaredy cat my whole life.

My fear of dentists is nothing to do with pain. I’m not scared it will hurt. What I’m scared of is that I will gag. That’s the hardest.

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