I felt unfair

I am such a lousy person.I have right to feel lousy.Why?My younger brother is getting married,he is motivated to do things while I am 2 years older and felt life is giving hell.I felt all my effort is for nothing,I expect something for my little effort yet when I don’t get rewarded I am angry.I don’t want to beat myself up,but i just can’t brain this through.Jealousy,guilt whatever

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I know how you feel. There are aspect of my life where i feel i’m not coping as well as someone who doesn’t have schizophrenia. It upsets me, makes me feel weak and like i can’t handle life. Hang in there though, things don’t stay bad forever. You just never know what is around the corner. It may be your turn to have something good happen to you.

No…I am 29 years old,I am still young but no young anymore.I felt like I kept on adjusting and changing,it’s tiring sometimes.I hurt my gf feelings,she said I didn’t care for her.Whenever things don’t go well,I tend to blame others,this is so childish yet I couldn’t deal with this bad behaviour.I knew this is bad,but I kept on doing for some reason which I cannot understand.Medicine is not a godsent for me,I kept on not wanting them because I felt nothing changes even if I take them

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