I felt like I was going to faint

I kind of got all faint and just let myself fall on my mattress. I was standing on my mattress looking out the window
It’s quite a nice feeling.the near fainting experience

Anyone agree?

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What feels good? Fainting or the mattress?

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Yea soz just edited it, the near fainting experience and simultaneously allowing myself to just fall onto my mattress

I could agree with you but you need to be in a safe place (like your bed) because you can’t function as well when you feel faint.

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That’s true. For a moment I was scared there might be something solid I would bang my head on on my mattress but it was safe after all.

It’s a strangely pleasant feeling.

Yes, it feels like letting go of a burden. Light headed, in free fall.

Have you fainted many times? Or once?

I’ve never fully fainted

I lived alone for awhile and think I blacked out often. I finally got psychotic so got picked up and hospitalized.

I faint and loose consciousness when its too hot.
It happens everytime I go to my natal country. Its too hot there, 50C and dry. I fainted in church there and fell on the ground, I saw myself surrounded by ppl outside when I woke up, I was all wet they threw cold water at my face to wake me up.

I faint but don’t loose consciousness when I am depressed and suicidal. My conaciousness level decreases and I become very weak. Its like if my brain want to shutdown and kill itself.

If you faint I thought that means you automatically lose consciousness

Well, not really. For me, I know I’m going to faint when everything starts turning black and I get tunnel vision. I definitely don’t like that feeling. Many years ago in the hospital, two nurses woke me up at 6:00 am out of a sound sleep to draw blood. One of them was a rookie and she couldn’t get blood out of my right arm so she tried my left arm. When no blood came out of there either they led me to the head nurses office.
So the head nurse stuck me for the third time in ten minutes. Blood finally came out but I started to pass out. She finished and told me to stick my head between my knees. I thought she was directing me to kiss my ass goodbye but she explained that’s the standard thing to do when someone feels faint.

Incidentally, when I was in high school me and my friends used to faint on purpose. Doing it on purpose was fun but we probably could have got brain damage or something. But the person would take about ten rapid deep breaths and then someone would get behind him and wrap their arms around the lower chest and squeeze tightly. And we would pass out for about 10 seconds. The neat thing about it was that after walking up, you feel like you have just woken from an 8 hours sleep and you had no idea where you were and you had no recollection of what just happened.

It was fun then but it would probably friggin kill me if I tried it now.

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How can you remember the feeling then when fainting if you have no memory and unsconscious? I couldn’t remember anything during the time I lost consciousness from heat.

I’ve only fainted a few times in my life and it was pretty scary. I broke out in a sweat and got really nauseous all within a few seconds. Then my vision started to go dark and I couldn’t see even though my eyes were wide open. And I felt myself going down and was scared I might hurt myself. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I fully fainted in the psych hospital.
They took me to the ER by ambulance.
I was knocked out cold.

They initially thought it was my heart so they gave me a CAT scan of my chest.

The psych hospital nearly killed me!
I was physically and psychologically drained from the abuse.

The moment before fainting has never felt good to me. It’s a sickly and out of control feeling to me. Like @Aziz, I have no memory during the time I was unconscious. I also don’t feel well upon regaining consciousness for a while

You said in your previous post that you fainted without losing consciousness, that’s not fainting is it?

No I never fainted all the way. Just felt as if I was going to faint.

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I’m sorry about your experience, what happened at the psyc hospital? If you don’t mind sharing

I fainted twice due to low blood pressure. It’s terrible because you lost control of your body.


For me it is a mixed blessing. I don’t like the idea of losing control of my body.