I fell in the shower

i fell in the shower a few days ago, hurt my back and neck. i was hallucinating in the shower and i saw a giant round bug with a bunch of legs. Scared the ■■■■ out of me. My mother in law thinks i fell because i’m on too many medications. Is that possible and am i on too many meds? I’m on amitriptyline 25mg, omeprazole 20mg, haldol 15mg, latuda 160mg, propranonol 80mg, lorazepam .5 mgs. lithium 300mg, clonidine .1 mg.

Oh my, that does seem like a lot of meds!

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Would think if your still hallucinating your not on the right medications. Mention it to your pdoc not your mother in law.

I also hope your not in to much pain.


sorry you fell in the shower cbbrown…tell your pdoc about it I guess…sorry you are on so many meds too.

You dont need anxiety meds if your on propranolol. That med is a very effective anxiety med in itself, even if its mainly for the heart. You dont need anything else than that for anxiety and depression IMO. Maybe something to discuss with your pdoc.

I couldn’t find the f-ing shower on that much stuff. And I’m not surprised about the falling owing to loss of reticular activating system and cerebellar function (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reticular_activating_system and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerebellum) induced by no less than five of those meds. Are you living where others can keep an eye on you?


I get where you’re coming from, but the anxiolytics he listed are (mostly) pretty different in terms of mechanisms of action, so he may need them all…,. though the dose levels may be a bit high, especially in combination. I’m more concerned about how they all induce sfx that get in the way of effective motor control and balance. If I was @cbbrown, I’d be on the phone with the prescriber today.

Okay. I just like the effect of propranolol on my nerves kinda! I feel so relaxed.

I liked brown heroin, too. But I couldn’t do jack on that stuff.

Glad you didn’t get hurt worse cb,I don’t take synthetic meds but when I was a punk kid drug addict I was never on that many, hope you feel better.

The propranol was prescribed by my family doctor and the ativan was prescribed by my pdoc. I know I need to talk to my pdoc but I missed my appointment because of my mother in law but that’s a long story.