I feel worthless but heres an Elvis song


Huck, if you feel worthless, you should take yourself and your guitar out to a park or ped mall and just start playing. I bet you’d get an appreciative crowd in a matter of minutes.


its 1122 pm currently … im off balance mentally. it happens often with my illness

Plus, you can put out a hat or guitar case and people will put money in it. Everyone likes Elvis and you are performing a service and deserve some payment. Many buskers do this.


Overall i don’t actually feel worthless. More lonely but i was hoping to communicate a bit. But im getting chocolate from the store in a minute i think

You had to say chocolate? And I’m diabetic. Drool. Lol.

Sorry im prediabetic but i don’t think chocolate about once a month is too bad

Maybe I’d suffer less if i croak anyway… Maybe others would be better too. I ain’t doing myself in. Im just sharing my thoughts openly.

Maybe being honest about self hatred others that also feel this way might know they ain’t alone

I don’t hate you. I think the fact that you play guitar and sing Elvis is cool. I wish I could play or sing.
You have been blessed with musical talent so please go easy on yourself. It is just your illness acting up.

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