I feel weve made strides as a community over the years

No offense to the females but I feel they were “overly feministic” just as I was overly “masculinist” but I think in the past 2 years both the females and males on this board have found a middle ground between sexual equality. I think providing different perspectives eliminates biases and we are able to come to a more sane rational explanation for things rather than one extreme or the other. I think you can only see this if you have been posting here a couple years.

But there used to be tons of gender battles on this board but now they have erased due to better understanding on both sides.

I feel in other ways we have grown as a whole, as a community, together.

And I believe if you post here you have a better outcome medically…I mean it makes perfect sense given this is a support forum for individuals with mental illness. But I notice the long term active members improve at a faster rate than the ones who pop their head in every “now and then”.

Just some observations ive made about the forum over the years…