I feel very restless

so I’m on mirtazapine, and it’s supposed to help me sleep better, and the first few nights I did sleep a lot and feel very tired when I woke up. but now, lately I feel very energized and even when I feel tired, I don’t feel sleepy. like I don’t want to go to sleep at all. I just wanna do stuff but there’s nothing for me to do, as its 5:41 am. also I’ve really noticed my sex drive is waaaaay low, when usually I’m very hypersexual… so this is kind of odd for me? I’ve been super irritable and 3/4 of my day I’m crabby for no reason. I really enjoy this med bc it helps me eat a lot and that’s awesome! I don’t feel sick all day long anymore. but this is the only good this med has brought me. otherwise I just can’t sleep, I’m constantly pissed off at the world, and sex don’t fix it

Make sure you report all this to your doctor.

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Good news is you started to take the meds. You just need to make some improvement about your meds.

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Mirtazapine is an antidepressant, and like so many different antidepressants, it has the potential to cause Mania or agitation/anxiety in certain vulnerable people.

I would contact your doctor ASAP -it may go away or get worse continuing with this medication.

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I second the thoughts here to contact your psychiatrist. Don’t forget to write down all these symptoms and side effects in your journal and take that with you when you next see the psychiatrist. It’s valuable information for them.

They might need to adjust the dosage or take you off it completely.

It’s great news you are able to eat and you aren’t feeling sick.

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It’s been a couple days. How are you doing with the meds now?

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@eyeofRa you liked it so tell me how you are doing? I worry about you girl.

these past 2 days I haven’t been as irritable. but the past week I’ve been staying up til 6-7 am and waking up around noon and doing it again. very little sleep. very energized. even when I do feel tired, I’m not tired. I don’t wanna sleep, I wanna get up and do something
I haven’t felt sick since I started taking this. I’m eating well again, and that makes me euphoric!

Alright! Just don’t let it turn into mania… make sure you do get enough sleep. I am glad the meds are finally working for you. So what do you plan on doing with all the extra time and energy?