I feel very lucky

I like to watch YouTube videos of people on my 600-lbs life and some people living in precarious conditions (related to messy hoarders etc.) and I tell myself that if they have the will to live, why must I not be grateful for my life.

Do you have any examples that make you feel better about how you’re living?

Love that show!

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I watch border patrol and highway patrol. Usually people smuggling stuff or drink/drug driving. It’s exciting I don’t feed of it though I feel like I’m just an observer of these shows cause it lures me in!

I also Love my 600-ibs life!

As bad as my life has been at least I’m not bed-bound, peeing into a bucket. It makes me feel how fortunate I am with my life. I also watch videos on people who are addicted to drugs and thank god I never got addicted to drugs. I’m very lucky.

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The book mans search for meaning was very inspiring for me. Hope it finds you well. Good things.