I feel very bad since the last week

I vomit every morning because i have a ridiculous level of anxiety and stress, my mood is really bad,
every day i have panic attacks, I can’t sleep, i’m obsessed with a thing and i can’t stop thinking about it, so intrusive thoughts are free for destroying my mind, the suicidal ideation is back but at least i think positive symptons aren’t back, i have lost 3kg in 5 days, I feel very unstable right now

I think i need a change of meds, now it’s obvious don’t help me much

Speak to your psychiatrist as soon as possible if you’re getting suicidal ideation.


Yah definitely talk to your pdoc, you shouldn’t be suffering like that.

Talk to your pdoc

No one should suffer like this.
Please let your pdoc know how bad you feel, and accept what ever help they have to offer.
Hope you can feel better soon.

You need to realize we all suffer

We sometimes get disturbed by this.

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