I feel used for my kindness

I feel like even tho I don’t have much I still give a lot and it’s to people who don’t care about me as much as I do I work and get a ssdi check but people will call me and ask for money without even giving af if I’m good or not and because of the past and my big heart I’ll give it to them but when I was ■■■■■■ up where was everyone when I was in and out of the hospital they probably were laughing at me talking about me and it’s family not just friends I’m tired sometimes I don’t wanna be here does anyone care no I have delusions I can’t even tell them about they will look at me as a freak but I still love them I’m just lost and hurt


Ive got family members like this, sorry its cruel

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Me too. Mine laugh at me and don’t know I’ve been diagnosed with mental health problems some family I have.

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