I feel totally flat today

Flatter than a pancake :pancakes: that’s been flattened by a steam roller.

It’s better than being in distress though.


I got invited to be with family, but am skipping it because I feel fatigued. Not sleeping well at all. But got a appointment with gp after easter. Maybe we can work something out.

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Been flat a lot lately too. I prefer it.

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Do you know what started it?

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I stopped taking methyl folate which is supposed to be good for negative symptoms. It was making me feel too amped up. So maybe I just got used to feeling amped up. Now I feel completely flat.

That’s the only thing I can think of.

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Could be that, or just coincidental. Anyway, you could try taking half the dose or folate if it persists. 1 tablet every other day if they can’t be split. Maybe find a middleground.