I feel they laughed at me

I speak soft,and they couldn’t hear properly or understand what I say while at the cashier to pickup something I buy,and I heard they laughed at me after I go

Some people can be real jerks. Try not to let it get to you.


They are like two female cashier,they could have kept quiet after I got what I want and not laughed what I asked them

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Yea,I shouldn’t dwell on that downing incident, thanks @crimby

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that sucks =(
They shouldn’t laugh because of you but some people are just mean =(

I doubt it was because of you.

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If they were laughing at you, they’re just mean people. Try not to care what mean people think.

People like that shouldn’t work with the public. I have a stalker making me look worse than when I moved into my apartment. Now people are rude and try to insult me.

Yes, there are a lot of bullies out there. Don’t honor them with your thoughts.

I think some people get to release tension making fun of people,still shouldn’t do it infront of the person


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