I feel the colorful vibes of life......Am I hallucinating?

I have this weird feeling that I dance in harmony with the colorful vibes of life and the cosmos… I see nothing, I just feel calm and have peace of mind. This strange feeling will probably be gone tomorrow.

What I am saying is I love this feeling as if I were able to put my life to rest while my body is breathing.

Have you had this feeling before? Hallucination, or what best describes it?


Maybe mania 15151


Better to feel great then the bad side of this paper.

Glad your feeling in tune.


i like feeling calm too


Enjoy it while it’s available, and if possible, try to figure out the formula and if you please, share it with us.

I get these fleeting good feelings also, few and far between.
You can call them whatever you want, just don’t try to take them away.

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That’s happened to me too. I dunno if it’s a hallucination, maybe more dissociation or you’re feeling really zen. Mania? Idk…I prefer the just feeling zen explanation bc a lot of people without mental illness attain this from meditating.

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It is not advisable to play the mind game…but anyway I will post it in a new thread later.

Maybe you’re just high on life.


Maybe you took too much bpi 1mr vortex. I hope not, highly unrecomended

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What mind game are you referring to?

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I just posted it.

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numbers never did much for me, but the alphabet is another story.

Only a few times in my life do i remember ever feeling as if i was truly in the moment and in touch with my inner peace. It felt amazing . It was such a calm. It was like i was in tune with the essence of God. I don’t believe it was any type of hallucination but a state of mind that all of us as human beings could be in if we lived in a better world.


Lots think this way but seeing aura or colors around something, waves or lines it is ‘technically’ a hallucination, even if dessert mirage.

Would suggest you avoid the psychic fairs and ‘life coaching’ thing with is new as it will make your mental symptoms worse probably. ‘Life coach’ is someone who made living in something else, probably has Bachelors and completed some counseling course which is all the rage right now but some go psychotic for even looking into this thing…There is something wrong behind both and is a very tough task masters, especially if already hearing it…Is no legal ramifications for leaving someone unable to work for years, forced to slave away on a commune farm property run like a cult. As long as no child abuse, can get away with killing domesticated pets to get the owners to pay up to be left alone.

This is running out of some retreat centers and event centers who are using the people they met for slaves and ‘pay to be left alone’. Technically, nothing is that illegal about this as most places already conquered the cops/court/politicians. Sadly, can run into it renting in country or AirBnb. Airbnb is keeping places who basically ‘made people sick long term’.

Sad to know but if you find anyone calling themselves a shaman, can be picking up information on people who later go psychotic and hear orders on where to spend money…Would avoid unless this is actual Indian Reservation stuff. Some of the fakes are circulating through POWWOW. Native Americans are too poor to make anyone crazy to use them as slaves & financial donations…These Indians on reservations or easily-traceable-lineage are better examples of their culture/religion. Hate to see the scammers pick this up but AVOID!

Better to avoid the ‘psychic’ label anyway…Someone tapes crimes and you get to see it in your dreams. NO THANK YOU! Scare the f- out of me to know the cops don’t do anything.