I feel that Western medicine is more punishing than healing

There is nothing gentle about a knife.


Sometimes it’s necessary. There are places in the world where some people just die without any care for things that can be treated.


this advice will change you opinion

read what aziz saying

At night to have no side effects and to sleep better.

Side effects are less severe when you’re sleeping.

for me i ask my doctor to give me meds before sleep and i say to her.meds cause to me side effects when i took them during day !!!so i need to take them once and before sleep , please

this advice is amazing in fact

good luck

Beats being dead or disabled, which were my other options. I’m alive and enjoying my life because of important surgeries.


its tough love i guess. Sometimes its the lesser evil.


Advantages and disadvantages to everything. Got to choose wisely and do what you think will work best for you.

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Can feel like that

I agree with this partially. My surgeon is awesome and tried his best when he was doing my surgery. Thanks to him I’m doing much better. But modern psychiatric medicine is cruel sometimes, especially with restraints.

Its hard love. It is what we have and what we have to use. No better alternatives at the moment.

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