I feel that I live like an animal

Other than gaming, all I do is eating, pooping and sleeping.

The only thing that differentiates me from an animal is that I can play PC video games…

I feel my intelligence is pretty close to an animal, I feel very bad and ashamed about that. I feel worthless.
My brothers and parents say the same thing of me.


I feel worthless because my intelligence is very close to a chimpanzee.

Don’t feel too bad, I’m doing the same thing right now. I’m slowly saving money from my disability checks toward a car so I can get back out there but it’s taking awhile. I spend a lot of time on the forum or gaming, and I try to help with things around the apartment but there’s not a lot of stuff to clean. It’s paradise compared to being locked up, even if it’s not very productive. However you could say I’m working on my recovery by letting time pass, adjusting medication, and working on coping techniques.

I am pretty sure you’re smarter than a chimp. I’m still pretty smart, I just feel dumb sometimes because of the negative symptoms. Chimps aren’t intelligent enough to play video games.

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