I feel stupid for believing this crap

I used to think that my mom wants to murder me and that there’s poison gas in the air

Yeah some of my old delusions are cringy but no use beating yourself up over a symptom.of an illness


I guess so. 1515

Don’t feel stupid. There’s not much you can do when you have no insight into your positive symptoms. The best you can do is work hard to maintain your insight when you have it so you don’t go down the rabbit hole again.


I used to think a ton of crazy stuff. From people trying to slowly wipe and reprogram my mind to angels in a spaceship above the earth. You don’t need to feel stupid about it. What is important for you Crystal, IMO, is to realize that you have an disorder and move forward from there. You seem to see it at the moment, but you go back and forth a lot. I hope that you can stay in this frame of mind and keep your insight for the long term this time.

Maybe then you can finally move forward.

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Sorry should not have posted it.