I feel something in my brain, a delusion?

i wasnt sleeping well on zyprexa and i was really close to decrease my zyprexa. but after saying to my mom that i feel my brain in my head, she said not to do it. i think that i can regulate my sleep though. its better than feeling my brain in my head. i feel that something is happening in my head, some proces. i dont know if its real(physical) or a delusion… cause its really to a point that i have headaches… strange thing…:confused:
keep going,i am decided to go well… for the moment i feel really stupid 2 hours after taking my pill in the evening but in the day i am better… i still have problems thinking,organizing myself, thinking symbolically,spiritually also… emotionally i have troubles also. but all this can get better i hope.

Don’t tamper with the prescription, if that’s the dosage your doctor prescribed stick with it.

Things will get better, if you let them.

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yeah, ok. i now see that i am calmer and my brain is better :slight_smile: i really need a higher dose. as i said,i= was close to change it,because i still listen to my mom but my dose from my doc was 10 mg. i tried 5 mg but it wasnt enough. i also tried higher dosages and i was overdosed :confused: i try to think less about my illness and trying to say that things will go better. its still serious here, serious issues for me but maube it will change.
what will you do today minnie? ill download the sims 4 with the help of my nephew,i am still quite lazy though…

If you tamper with your meds you’ll never get better… Trust your doctor. He/she knows what to do.

I’m going to study this afternoon, it’s raining so I’ll stay home on my pajamas all day. With some tea and my books.

I have sims 4 as well, haven’t played in a while.