I feel so unlovable

I’ll get over it. It’s just one of those days.

That’s common thought for me.People tried to communicate with me,I am just unsociable,hence unlovable somehow

Your uplifting posts are great.

You know the golden rule, you get what you give.

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But it’s at times like this that I feel I have nothing to give.

Being creative is hard sometimes. It’s like chewing glass and staring into the void (Elon Musk quote.)

You can’t really force it either, ideas come when they come, usually when there’s no pressure. Like in the shower, or playing some game, or watching a show. Or going for a walk.

When you start feeling pressure, it’s like you get blinders on and go full left brain logical. When you’re in a playful mood you engage your right emotional brain.

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I feel like if I can’t give then I’m unlovable. And that’s the thing I can’t give. Like express. I mean


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It’s not that you’re unlovable if you don’t give. There’s no entitlement thing going on. You’re still lovable it’s just that no one will notice you if you don’t post.

It’s a bunch of people volunteering their time here and posting whimsically and arbitrarily.

People don’t need to be given gifts constantly to affirm their value, they just want to vibe sometimes. Like touch base. Say hi, and let the conversation unwind unexpectedly and naturally.

There’s a saying, “80% of success is simply showing up.” But that’s only meaningful in a person-to-person setting.

Being face-to-face is constant communication, even during silence. You don’t get that on a forum. But just being around people is an expression of friendship. And sometimes that’s enough.

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But if you are around people irl and are an anxiety ball, even if all are silent, then it is hard to feel loved even if you are. Do you know what I mean?
And what you feel at the end of the day is your actual reality so that matters a lot.

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I know that feeling.

I used to be a total rock in my interactions, but now I’m like a nervous wreck. I can’t even look at a person without freaking out thinking s/he is reading my mind or some ■■■■.

I think I’ve resolved the worst of it with PEMF but the memories of those brain violating moments keep me scared.


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