I feel so tired and weak

I just had an avocado shake but since quitting smoking or not sure what exactly is making me feel very weak and tired.
I have slept a total of 20 hours since yesterday morning.

I have to go out today, take the bus etc hope I’ll be fine.
I drank coffee too.

I could sleep for another 8 hours today if I go to bed.


I don’t know why you feel tired, but I hope you get your energy back, it’s hard to get things done when you don’t feel your best.


Weakness mightbe due to illness …u work and sleep so much…it might make me envy about ur daily routine … my sleep was never good…i fell tired bc of illness…

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Are you stressed? Has your sleep been erratic?

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yeah I was wired with energy during the weekend then crashed yesterday all day and night.
I quit smoking so I think it could be it since there is no other change.

My anxiety has lifted off to a point that I can sleep just while I am typing this.

The weather is not helping either, feels like January winter without the snow.