I feel so rotten

And rightly so, that’s their job.

If I were you maybe consider not distancing yourself from them, just be very clear and open about things they need to know so that they can tailor their help to suit your needs as much as possible

It really is up to you though. You know you best.

I also don’t like too many med changes. Idk if you already have, but maybe be very clear about that.
They used to constantly tell me an antidepressant would be good for me, like at every appointment but I just refused. That is just my personal experience anyway.

Thanks @LittleMissSlothy it’s a tough decision to make whether to accept a treatment

As they say not an exact science


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Yea sadly what works for one might not work for another.

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maybe put effort in2 feelin well

I’d say 18 years of effort counts as ‘trying’

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it could be worse m8, tink of te benefits tats wat i do

it is a bonus

Benefits from the government?

u tryin to make me ok?

BTW @Joker

U will never know wat ive been trow

so watever

Are you drunk or something?