I feel so miserable

Just over a month ago I moved back to the seaside suburb I was in. We had moved away in March and now we’re back since July. I am so happy here, the house is awesome, amazing garden, amazing views and friendly neighbours.

But hubby is unhappy here. I feel so selfish staying but we had just moved here a month ago. Surely he can’t expect me to move again?

I feel so miserable, I don’t know if I should leave my marriage because its such a struggle. I love my husband but its such a struggle to carry on. Is marriage supposed to be tough? And how can i give up my wonderful place that I just moved to a month ago?

And my parents are coming to visit on Monday and stay overnight. Sometimes I wonder if i should go home with them for a little while… My heart is torn in two and I broke down this morning and screamed the house down. :sob:

What is it about the marriage that makes it tough?

My sza and hubby’s epilepsy
lack of family support
trying to make both of us happy
my selfishness

It can be tough dealing with MI it can cause stress in the relationship. but in a lot of ways being in a relationship is healthy for MI and is healing. You can only control your own happiness and not his, best to let go of those thoughts because otherwise you seesaw with his moods when hes not happy.

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