I feel so low about myself due to having this disorder and not being good at anything.i cant see anyone wanting me or loving me and i feel depressed. I dont know what to do anymore

I have tried many hobbies. Most artistic but now i realise i cant do much of that stuff anymore because of my low attention span. I feel so down. I feel as though no one will want me. And i feel as if i have nothing to live for.

I have so much creative stuff for this fantasy self that i had. Now i feel lost because i dont actually enjoy it. In fact it makes me depressed looking at it.


I have sza and I have a husband who loves me. You are worthy of love. Don’t give up. Are you allowed to take an antidepressant? You should ask your pdoc if you can. It might help you enjoy things again


I hope so i tried 1 and it gave me restless legs


There are many antidepressants you can try. Not all will affect you the same way

Have you thought about CBT
It has benefits
It gets you out
Someone to talk to
Helps you see things in a different light
Antidepressants might help too

Do you work? Working and getting a paycheck should be everyones first and most important prioity imo. Many people work so so so so much and dont even think about hobbies. If your on some sort of assistance keep trying new things and get motivated. Dont force yourself to do anything you do not want to also.

I was severely depressed but got better keep trying maintain perservwrance alot of stuff goes away or gets better weird world. Dont quit.

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I suppose so its just hard when you see such talented people on YouTube.

I youtube alot but music mostly. Its okay to be a regular guy or gal. Im not exceptional ar anything. Its all good. Focus on the importance and relax. :nerd_face:

Life is sort of meaningless but its fun and it is a blast at times. Everything matters in life. At the same time its okay to get the shoetest straw or fail. Its okay to be average its okay to be normal. All good take it easy stay positive and enjoy

Those talented people didn’t start out like you see them now. I guarantee they all sucked profoundly until they had enough experience to turn the tide. That’s just how it goes - it takes time to build mastery with anything and every failure is a step forward.


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