I feel so helpless


I feel so helpless, because my budgie is dying and I can’t help him. I took him to the vet but the vet was shut. He’s just sitting at the bottom on the floor of the cage, waiting for the end. I feel angry and moody today. But mostly just this terrible helplessness.
Do any of you also feel helpless today?


I’m sorry your budgie is so ill. It’s sad to have to go through this.

I don’t feel helpless today, but there was a few days last week where I wasn’t doing too well.

I hope your poor budgie can hang in there until the vet opens Or is there an emergency clinic that might be open?


sorry to say but he died in my hand whilst I was comforting him this afternoon. Feel nothing, its like I think sad but don’t feel sad. dunno if its the sz, but I’ve had so many budgies I’m used to it now…


Im sorry for your loss. My dog is named Budge too, so that sort of deluded me for half a second. You will bounce back, but for now I wouldnt suppress your emotions. Have a good cry, do whatever you need to do.


sorry to hear that but he may reached to the eternal energy where all we go ( this is how I like to think although I don’t have any religion).


I hope your budgie gets better. I just lost a snail, Nanner, that I was pretty attached to. I couldn’t hold him or interact with him like you can a parakeet but nonetheless I’ll miss seeing him.


I’m sorry for your loss, losing a pet is awful as they’re family. I had this with Jasper, my last guinea pig to die, I came home from voluntary work to find him lying flat out in his cage unable to stand and fitting. I called my mum but she was unable to come home so I just comforted him and after an hour of talking and soothing him, he died, but he was a very sickly guinea pig despite how amusing and cute he was and we knew with more of his bad phases the end was near, I just didn’t want to be alone when it happened I knew I did all I could though and I had to be strong for his brother. But I felt this helplessness it’s a horrid feeling try to remember the times they made you laugh or smile and that you comforted them when they needed you most.


Sorry to hear about your budgie. :bird:


I’m so sorry to here about your budgie. I know the pain of losing a pet.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner


hi im so sorry to hear about your budg sending hugsx


I am truly sorry for what you are going through - I too know the loss of losing a pet. Wishing you a better tomorrow


I heard a song today that reminded of your budgie thread. Hope he hangs in there for a while. :bird:


i am sorry you lost your budgie, but remember it is at peace and in a better place now.
take care


im so sorry too hear this.
Yet i hope you can take some comfort in the believe
that he is now at a even better place.

But i understand you, when you say you feel a helpnessless
we are just not in control over some situations.