I feel so bad

My poor lil nephew I barely see him he’s 2 turning 3 in June. Anyways he came over with my sister a couple hours ago. And he’s hyper he has autism and he knocked over my 13 inch tv twice cause he gets hyper and I said bad Joey. Anyways I felt really bad with wut my sister told me when they left I guess when she buckled him into the van he said to his mom. Me bad and looked out the window. Frick I feel really bad for saying that poor lil guy. I feel like crap. I just need to see him more often. Im really not used to kids much considering I don’t have any kids


Make it up to him, be nice to hm. And be patient with him; at the end of the day kids are kids and there’s a lot they don’t understand, they just need to be taught, but not meanly.


it was an impulsive reaction. next time he’s over bump something over then say. my bad then only kidding it was just an accident we all do them. maybe he’ll make the connection.


At least you have the conscience to feel bad about it that’s good… :slight_smile: so like the others said you can just make up for it I guess

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You sound very compassionate and empathetic, please correct me if I’m wrong but you have a condition just as your little friend does. It’s hard to be patient sometimes but a little discipline mixed with some encouragement can go a long ways in peoples lives. I wish you all the best.

Don’t beat yourself up. Just be more aware next time. Kids are fragile

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