I feel so bad and my effort is wasted

Hello guys,I had been very very worried about my appearance/Face recently that I cannot concentrade or do my work.I feel my face is a little bloated/fat,I don’t know what’s the reason.
Last Friday during my fathers birthday,my uncle commented that I look very meaty looking at my face,I got so worried and stress up that I cannot get over it.I realize my face is a little bloated/fat,probably I am born more like this or hopefully it’s because of 24 years of continuously drinking/eating sweet stuff.This stress has got me very sad.I don’t know if reducing my sugar intake and eating more healthier can at least make my face less fat/bloat looking.

I workout very hard everyday,my body is very fit but my face show otherwise.I am so upset about this and I know this sounds vain and shallow,but my uncle pointed it out,it must be a noticeable defect,:frowning:

I really don’t know why is my face bloated and pudgy even though I workout so hard and I had lessen a lot intake of my sugar for 3 months already…Am I going to just accept this?

Are you overweight or normal weight? If normal then maybe you should see a doctor.

I am normal weight,so I should see what kind of Doctor actually?

I’m not a doctor so I don’t know, I would just see a general practitioner. It could be your thyroid or probably a number of other problems. You said you are eating less sugar so I don’t think it’s your diet. Could be dehydration though. I googled it.

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Could be the meds…I value my therapist opinion greatly and she commented how antipsychotics make your face look bloated in an “attractive way”. She thinks antipsychotics make you gain a healthy weight in the face. Different from the subjective unattractiveness of overeating for other reasons. I wish there was something I could tell you, I faced image problems for years but no more. I dunno how I got over it tbh. I guess becoming more confident in my personality. Btw I’m sure you look fine, don’t listen to your uncle…people are drawn to different things I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who would love how your face looks just as many people would be unattracted to a skinny face of yours. Different strokes for diff folks.

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