I feel really shit

My old agency is not giving me a reference for my work. I don’t blame them as i went full-time to part-time due to my mental health. Luckily the place where i worked is giving me the reference instead but I feel ■■■■ for it. Like i don’t deserve any job :frowning: they are ignoring my letters to get my p45 (what you get when you leave) and also ignoring my requests to get paid my holiday pay that i collected. i’m so pissed off.

Time to sue them! SUE like your name is SUE

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Did I mention suing them? Money for green tea and anime and chipotle, yo

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I think the guy, the consultant is so immature! fine don’t give me a reference you can’t deny my P45 or my right to what i’ve earned.

Sending you:

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Hope you get it sorted!


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They are probably just busy and will get to it. Just be nice and friendly and persistent in contacting them and asking for a schedule on when they can provide this to you.


Be assertive. Get your holiday pay, but try not to burn any bridges. You show a lot of courage staying out there.


Recruitment agencies are scum. Period. Get your reference from your old boss. That’s what I always did. It was always just a phone reference anyway, not a written one. P45 is a different matter not sure how that works out with agencies.


Sorry, just saw that. Yeah, that’s how it should work anyway.

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Time to step up out of the thrash and observe it all from a distance? Like from inside your car at thoughts and emotions in railroad cars going by at a crossing?